Mr. Cameron Poetzscher the Global Business Dealer

February 14, 2016
Cameron Poetzscher is broadly knowledgeable in team management, recruitment, developing and mentoring people. He was at Uber as the Corporate Development Head. Besides, Poetzscher had 17 years of experience in global investment banking at Goldman Sachs, transacting with some of the most brilliant and sophisticated clients on a number of high profile and intricate M & A dealings, IPOs and financial matters across the continents.

Mr. Poetzscher is a recognized finance specialist, deal maker, and operational executive. He is creative with a systematic style of making decisions and solving problems. He has a character capable of prospering in high pressure and demanding environment.

Cameron Poetzscher, a Harvard and University of Queensland graduate, got married to Varsha Rajendra Rao, who studied at the University of Pennsylvania. The couple obtained MBA degrees from Harvard University. Rajendra Rao served at McKinsey & Company as the associate consultant while Cameron has had a career with Goldman, Sachs & Company as the investment banking associate in entertainment, media and communication, at TMT GROUP as the managing director and Uber serving the position of Head of Corporate development.

Cameron Poetzscher’s career concentrated on media, telecom, and technology space particularly on entertainment and the internet. He has also worked with companies in the financial, consumer, healthcare, industrial, real estate and natural resources sector. Transacting with foreign countries has given Poetzscher international experience. The deals include cultural and structural intricacies. Before Harvard Business School as a research fellow, he was at Booz & Co as the consultant in Australia. Besides the United States, he has worked in India, SE Asia, Japan, Latin America, Australia, China, and Europe.